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Inspirational Visions, LLC. was created for YOU!

Looking to be INSPIRED? Become more HOPEFUL? Or, Grow in FAITH?

Which image speaks to you?

“Let go Let God” – It’s God’s simple, yet constant powerful message, to let go of the negative and trust Him to take care of everything else.

“I AM” – God created us: beautiful, holy, loved, empowered, amazing, invincible, confident, strong and any other positive affirmations you want to add. And, God is the Way, the Truth and the Life; He is the Vine and we are the branches.

“Broken but not Shattered” – A simple reminder we are not defined by the brokenness of the lies and misunderstandings of the world, but by letting go and letting God, His light shines on, in and through us.

God is the center of our lives and shines through our brokenness.

My mission is to make a difference, help people grow in their faith, and allow these God-given inspirational gifts provide a simple daily reminder to “Let go and let God.”

About Mary A. Markham

Although born and raised in Wisconsin, I had the opportunity to live in three states prior to coming back full circle to my WISCO roots. Each move allowed me to share my passion for helping others, volunteer, teach and mentor.

I love to write, learn new things, share my knowledge, wisdom and creativity as a Spiritual Life Coach, an author, entrepreneur, wife, mother, step-mom, and grandma!

Life is what you make it! Make each moment a memorable one!


Q. What makes Inspirational Visions different?
A. Each person views each artistic image differently as it applies to their own life experiences.

Q. What are some testimonials shared with respect to the “Let Go Let God” images?
A. “It is a simple reminder that makes my day.” – Jessica

A.  “I look at it when I feel overwhelmed and the words ‘Let Go, Let God’ gives me peace.” – Cathy

A.  “When I see those words, it takes the world off my shoulders.” – Jared

A.  “It gives me peace, and God I need it!” – Scott

A.  “When I see “Let Go, Let God” I am reminded that I don’t have to carry the entire heavy burden of life’s problems all by myself. If I turn to God and ask for help, He will take care of me.” – Lisa

Q. What are some testimonials shared with respect to the “I AM” image?

A.  “I grow in many ways because God is centric in my life. He nourishes me and I feel alive.” – Lisa

A.  “‘I AM’ reminds me that I am complete in Christ.  In Him, I lack nothing!  Thank you for this beautiful reminder, Mary.” – Kimberly

A.  “I am not alone.  I am all the words that are in the hands, thanks to God.” – Heidi

Q. What are some testimonials shared with respect to the “Broken But Not Shattered image?

A.  “I am so glad I am not shattered. At least I can find all the pieces.” – Lisa

Inspired Products

God-given simple inspirational gifts, shining His light through powerful messages of peace, strength, and encouragement.

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