Goalsetter to Olympic Medalist

“I am NOT a quitter!”

Chris Seufert Sholtis set a goal at the age of 14 and never stopped until she received her Olympic Medal. 

What started as diving for fun in her Uncle’s pool turned into “I can do that!” after watching springboard diving on The Wide World of Sports with her dad who then said, “Just don’t get hurt!” She never looked back and manifested this incredible dream come true.

People who are like-minded, help you to move forward!

After qualifying for the 1980 U.S. Olympic team, but could not compete due to The U.S. Olympic Committee’s boycott of the 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow, Russia, her Congressional Gold Medal wasn’t enough. She continued learning, growing and competing. In 1982, in Ecuador, Chris won 2nd place at the women’s springboard competition at the World Diving Championship. 

Listen to what happened to Chris that caused her coach to say, “Then why don’t you quit!?”

“I am NOT a quitter!” Chris’ 2nd best in the World led her to diving for the USA at the 1984 Olympics and won a bronze medal in the Women’s 3m Springboard event.

Her Journey








Her journey of setting goals and graduating from the University of Michigan led her to qualify, win a Bronze Medal, be inducted into the University’s Hall of Honor in 2007 and becoming a Judge for Diving at the 2012 Olympics. 

“You are NEVER too old to do what you want to do!”

“Set yourself up for what is next in your life!”



  • Believe in yourself
  • Set your goals and move forward
  • Follow your heart
  • Obstacles are put there for a reason

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