Health is Wealth

Health is Wealth!

Have you ever felt like it was too late to start over? Or, how to make a positive difference after making poor choices? Today’s guest will share how it is NEVER too late to make a change.

What once was a life of poor choices, became a life of helping others. After feeling the pain of what he was putting his own mother through, after being incarcerated three times, Erik Carranza realized this kind of life was not for him.

Freedom from incarceration became a new race for Erik to run. He didn’t just run a race, he ran a race that changed his life forever. 

At one time he watched an inmate doing push-ups and never thought how that experience and fitness would be a life changer! 

He was looking for the “Bull Run” and found a “Spartan Race.” Crossing the finish line was the first step to changing his world while changing others. 


Listen how Erik changes people’s lives and states there are no excuses for not exercising. He has witnessed young, old, and even ones with artificial limbs cross the finish line. 

No action = no goals! 

Erik starts his day with gratitude and Bible reading. All it takes is 5 minutes to exercise.  There was no end after crossing the finish line. Erik’s new goal is to win the Spartan World Championship. He is addicted to cool people, helping others and coaching people to a happier and healthier life.

Be super grateful for everything you have. It’s hard to be angry and grateful at the same time. Pick being grateful! 

“You can die right now! Give it everything you have on this day because you don’t know if tomorrow will come!”

Be Super Grateful
No action – No goals
It is possible!

CONTACT INFO:  Erik Carranza at Instagram – iamthe_eza

Erik Carranza Podcast: Power People

Trainer at Life Time Fitness in Brookfield, Wisconsin

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