From an MS diagnosis to being a best-selling author and a health & wellness fair owner

Lucas Robak – Speaker, Consultant, and Best-Selling Author

In this episode, you will learn how Lucas Robak, an Amazon bestselling author went from a discouraged mentality to a positive life outlook mentality that is accomplishing life long goals.

Lucas shares how his MS diagnosis empowered and motivated him to bring value to the world.

He motivates others who desire a natural and healthy lifestyle with his incredibly positive attitude and drive to help others. 

Lucas Robak is an inspiration to many. He went from being a former pilot and teacher to a #1 Amazon Bestselling author. 

Lucas never allowed his MS diagnosis to debilitate him

This diagnosis motivated him to become a leader of The Wellness Fair and connect professionals who desire a natural and healthy lifestyle. 

He is also a co-author in many books, and not only contributed to numerous publications but after publishing 75 people around the world for fun, he saw a need and business opportunity and is considered to be the Entrepreneurs Publisher.

Lucas Robak

He went from a victim and depressed mentality to creating a positive life.

You can’t have a healthy body with an unhealthy mind.”

Lucas states he cured himself of depression through a positive mindset. Healthy thoughts equal healthy results. 

Lucas describes when reaching a goal there are three different level playing fields/dimensions (however you manifest it into your life) as well.

  • The first is the Spiritual Plane, which is energy, having that image in our mind. As long as you can hold an image in your mind, you’re able to make it a reality and hold it in your hands. The only person stopping you is you!
  • Then there is Emotional Plane which is experienced internally and where one can articulate the image, making it real where 66% of the goal is manifested.
  • And finally, the Physical Plane, having an image in your mind of holding it in your hand and acting as if it has already happened. (If only 10 people show up to an event you are presenting at, act as if there are 100+ people).

He shares his daily routine of how he expresses gratitude for ten things that are yet to come or going to have (ex: I am grateful that I am a New York #1 Bestselling author).

You will learn how a white light and positive mindset gets rid of negativity and get beyond depression. And, how Lucas embraces his failures as successes. 

“I know what I know because of all my failures. JUST DO IT!”


Three Daily rituals:

  • Be grateful for 10 things each day
  • Send love to 3 people who are difficult to love
  • Ask for guidance each day


Fear goes away the more you do “it.” (whatever “it” is)



Lucas J. Robak is a Keynote Speaker, Consultant, and #1 Amazon Bestselling Author and owner of the

Learn more about Lucas over at

2 Comments to From an MS diagnosis to being a best-selling author and a health & wellness fair owner

  1. Paula Mayer says:

    I’m looking forward to learning more about Lucas’s heathy lifestyle thru his books, especially thru his upcoming story in Manifesting Your Dreams. He’s an inspiration to others living with a chronic disease including myself. Between the team work of Mary Maryam’s Inspirational Vision’s podcast and Lucas’s interview, this is a podcast to add to your list to become motivated to implement some of Lucas’s strategies.

  2. Connie Sexauer says:

    An interesting interview that inspires others to look at life in a different way. Lucas has some unique thoughts on how to lead your life. This was a fun and inspiring interview.

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