From Chronic Sickness to Business Success

Chronic Sickness to Business Success

Today’s guest is an amazing woman of many talents and gifts. Hilary Jastram is the founder of J. Hill Marketing & Creative Services, a bestselling author of Sick Success, an editor at the Good Men Project and contributor to large-scale publications as well as a podcaster at Sick Biz Buzz.

Did you know that 60% of American’s suffer with some type of chronic illness? Hilary’s Lyme Disease illness developed into Transverse Myelitis. Although this disease would make some days feel impossible for Hilary, she believes negativity does not serve her. She embraces HOPE, works hard and found ways to help others.

Hilary’s Journey

Hilary believes when losing everything and your life situation doesn’t give you guidance or good/positive modeling, you have to make a choice. She made the choice to work hard and keep reaching for more. The non-profit Sick Biz business was created to be a resource for chronically ill entrepreneurs. Hilary broke stigmas and began to help others achieve their goals and still does to this day. 

When Hilary couldn’t walk without assistance and no longer could wear her high heels, she didn’t give up, she held on and changed her shoes…to flats. 

In a world when it is easy to give up, listen to how Hilary perseveres and continues to go from sick to success. 


You will never know the answer if you don’t ask!

Want to start a business:

  • Connect with an audience who can pay you;
  • Reach out to as many people as possible;
  • Be consistent!

Become the expert in your group!

When you become your own expert, people listen and you help others.

Proclaim you life!
Take a chance!
Get up and learn.
Embrace HOPE!

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