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2019 Reflections – 2020 VISIONS!

Never give up HOPE!

It’s NEVER too late!

 It’s Never too late! Have you ever thought you were too old to go back to school? Or, too old to make your dreams come true? Connie Sexauer will inspire you to NEVER give up on fulfilling what your heart desires. Connie Sexauer, a remarkable woman who NEVER gaveRead the rest of this page »

Words Have NO Power

Charlie Mickschl is one of the best neuro associative conditioning coaches for children and families. He is a practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programing and specializes in Erickson Hypnotherapy. Why Does Charlie say, “Words have NO Power?” “Words have NO Power!” “Stop having expectations” Charlie Mickschl is yet another confirmation, howRead the rest of this page »

Manifested “Manifesting Your Dreams”

If you ever had a vision and wondered if it would manifest into something bigger than you ever imagined, you won’t want to miss this episode.  Listen to how Marla McKenna had a vision, stayed focused, and manifested Manifesting Your Dreams. An inspiring collaboration of 20 authors sharing their incredibleRead the rest of this page »

Living Kidney Donor becomes Successful Author

Living Kidney Donor becomes Successful Author If you ever wondered about being a living donor, you won’t want to miss this episode. Find out how Brenda Cortez was inspired to write her first book “My Mom is Having Surgery” which turned into writing six other books and more in the making. Listen to findRead the rest of this page »

3-time cancer survivor and bone marrow transplant survivor

Never Never Never Give Up – Survivor of 3 Cancers and Bone Marrow Transplant Survivor If you ever felt like your cross was too heavy to carry, or you know someone who is fighting a medical battle, you won’t want to miss this episode. Paula Mayer is a remarkable womanRead the rest of this page »

Helping others heal with Spiritual Psychology

From substance abuse to Helper Heal Thyself Have you ever suffered from anxiety, alcoholism, drug abuse or need spiritual healing? In this episode hear how Beverly Sartain, went from a life of substance abuse, trauma and negative thoughts to a certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor and Recovery Life Coach specializingRead the rest of this page »

From drug addiction to serving a calling

From drug addiction to serving a calling to help others If you’ve ever suffered from addiction, hopelessness or feeling stuck, listen in as David Tennyck shares how he turned his weaknesses to strengths; a drug addiction, to practicing law and turning away from the corporate money to helping the Homeless.Read the rest of this page »

From Lyme to Lemons

How a chronic Lyme disease diagnosis became a blessing In this podcast episode, you’ll hear how Mary Kay Swittel suffered a long and painful journey, sleepless nights, and being misdiagnosed by doctors for 7 years to discover how chronic Lyme disease became a blessing. Mary Kay shares why she refersRead the rest of this page »

From an MS diagnosis to being a best-selling author and a health & wellness fair owner

 Lucas Robak – Speaker, Consultant, and Best-Selling Author In this episode, you will learn how Lucas Robak, an Amazon bestselling author went from a discouraged mentality to a positive life outlook mentality that is accomplishing life long goals. Lucas shares how his MS diagnosis empowered and motivated him toRead the rest of this page »