Healthy Habits to Get ahead & Stay ahead!

Healthy Habits to Get ahead and Stay ahead!

Have you ever, or do you struggle with creating healthy habits? Sometimes our intentions are good but we tend to go back to the way things were or where life is comfortable. So often, people tend to think being comfortable is easier than being uncomfortable. We don’t learn and grow being comfortable all the time.

Be prepared to make some incredible changes in your life after listening to Joshua Janis. Joshua Janis, the Founder of’s life mission is to share his acquired wisdom with others. He went from successful business owner to depression to fulfilling his purpose helping others. 

So something SIMPLE!

Habit Formation

Creating good healthy habits is much easier to attain when you set small achievable goals.  Step one is AWARENESS; being aware of what needs to change, step two is, having the DESIRE to change and step three is taking ACTION. Look at making one small and simple change at a time, it is not overnight magic.

Get ahead! Stay ahead!


Listen how Joshua realized what needed to change in his life, how he started out small and what “Frequency of Love” means. 



Enjoy Life! 

Change your thinking!

The way you do and say something changes the outcome. Instead of saying, “I’m supposed to get this done” change it to “I just got that done” or “I’m happy I got that done!”

Be happy with each step you take!


Habit Formation: Awareness, Desire and Taking Action
Do something SIMPLE.
Start SMALL and be okay with it.

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