From Shackled to Freedom!

From living a life shackled with worry to FREEDOM from fear!

One Size Fits All with God!

Anyone who suffers with anxiety, fear or worry will not want to miss this episode. Karrie Viscogliosi suffered through her childhood and early adult life full of anxiety. She missed out on a lot of life because in her words, “she was shackled with worry.” 

“Wanting to be alone,” striving for perfection and making sure everything HAD to match was part of her anxiety cooping habits.

What we put in, is what we get out!

Her Journey

Karrie’s journey had been part of her purpose, to live a life free from fear and life to its fullest. Her journey of suffering anxiety and feeling shackled with worry, lead her to help others and embrace the gift of writing. She is the author of “Through the Wilderness A 40-Day Survival Guide to Walk the Trials in Your Life” 

We are NEVER alone!

When asked what message she wanted to leave behind, she stated, “Stop what you’re doing and love someone!”

This incredible woman is also a Living Kidney Donor. When the thought of being a donor popped in her head, she new she would be a match; she saved her husband’s life. She believes, “Easy doesn’t change us!” And, it’s not always the easiest path we get to take, just take it step by step!

Start your day by doing something to make someone else’s day better!

Karrie is a sun seeker and light-shining optimist. She now knows that the secret to freedom is not striving for perfection, but simply resting in her truths and boasting of her weaknesses, knowing in her weakness, God is strong! She is living life with much more joy now that she proactively turns her worries over to the Lord.

It is What it is…!

Fear has NO Power!
Stop what you’re doing and love someone
Check in on your neighbors
Use your gifts

Find Karrie at: karriesmilesalot and fearhasnopower on Instagram

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