From Panic Disorder to Visions & Kritters

From Panic Disorder to Visions & Kritters

Panic Disorder doesn’t stop this author and mental health advocate. Listen how Visions and Kritters changed Kristi Allen’s life and becomes known as the “Kritter Lady.”

Kristi’s Journey

Kristi Allen never gave up hope and bravely shares her triumphs and tragedies with Panic Disorder. She learned the basics of crocheting from two incredible women in her life. What was easy to them became a new vision for Kristi. Her straight rows turned into making little Kritters. Kristi never follows a pattern and creates incredible Kritters through her own visions.

These visions led her to fulfilling other dreams as well. Her bucket list consisted of becoming a published author.

Listen how the connection of her dad and Angels, became the reason her story was selected in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Angels All Around. And, how her journey led her to become a co-author in Manifesting Your Dreams.


Nothing stops Kristi from making her dreams come true, as she reminds herself, “You’ve been through worse than this and got through it okay!”

Find out how her Kritters are well known at Rick Springfield’s concerts and how she is known as the Kritter Lady.  

You’ve been through worse than this and got through it okay!

Pray through the panic
Dream Big!
Never Give Up!
To contact Kristi Allen:

FB: Kritter Lady


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  1. Melissa says:

    So proud of you my sweet friend!

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