NO MORE EXCUSES for this Author and Podcast Host


It is going to change the world! 

Anyone who makes excuses will want to hear what Lillian Harshaw has to say. Only dreams coming true for this incredible woman, who is a child of God, a wife, mother of a blended family of nine beautiful children and a grandmother, an author, AND podcast host. 

Remember Why You’re Doing It!

Her Journey

Never forget the “Why” you’re doing what you’re doing!

Lillian Harshaw shares her journey and how her love for talking and sharing her stories led her to launching the “Worldly Church Girl Podcast.”

Listen to hear the reason behind the name and who inspired her to name the podcast.


She believes you should not live with regret… “Just do it!” If you have a vision and think about it first thing in the morning and before going to bed, it’s meant to be a dream come true…“Just do it!”

Lillian’s journey has taken her through a lot of relationships, hardships and beautiful lessons, and is grateful for each part of it.

Having a moment?

Life can be hard and it’s okay to have a moment! Her advice is that we have our moment, then let it go! She is reminded, God took her out of “it” (whatever “it” was) before, so why would it be any different now? 

Listen to find out the most important start her day and what she sends her children every day. And, hear when you will be able to get your copy of the first of her three-part series fiction book.

Remember the “WHY” you’re doing it!

It’s okay to have a moment!

Just do it!

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