“What if I fall…What if you fly”


Has a simple quote ever changed your life?

The quote, “What if I fall…oh my Darling, What if you fly” changed Manette Kohler’s life. 


What was missing?

Something was missing inside for Manette even after she began her career as a veterinarian. She longed for more, and wondered how she could fulfill a dream/passion  working at a job that was burning her out.

Don’t Wait

Unfortunately, her health took a turn and after much pain, migraines, brain fog and hearing something “snap” in her wrist, her decision was being made for her. She could no longer hold surgical tools or even a needle, which made her job as a veterinarian slowly come to an end. Was she going to fall?

Take a Chance

No, she was not going to fall. If fact, she never stopped until she found out what was causing so much pain.  Listen to find out what she was suffering from, and how long it took the doctors to find this out.

Manette flew into making her dreams come true. Find out how she became an Animal Behavioral Consultant and what the most rewarding part of her job is. She continued to fly making other dreams and passions come true. She wrote her own book, “Bella’s First Check Up,” is a co-author in “Manifesting Your Dreams” and has written articles for different magazines and is now writing articles for Pet MD.

Believe in yourself
Take a Chance
Don’t Wait

“What if I fall..oh my Darling…what if you FLY!

Manette Kohler – helpinghanddvm.com

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