“Changed FOREVER!”

Changed forever!

Don’t touch your face

How has or how will your life change because of the coronavirus attacking the world?

What went through your mind when the “Stay Home Stay Safe” life began? What did your new normal life look like? When I reflect back, I see a double-edged sword, pain and beauty.

Stay Home Stay Safe

Painful-edged Sword

The painful sharp-edged sword was part of watching the daily news, and finding out how more people were dying every day, supplies became even more limited, doctors, nurses, and first responders were working long and exhausting hours. And then, to hear how the ones who were saving lives were dying as well. With the death toll rising it is so heartbreaking to see the separation of families and not having a chance to say goodbye to their loved ones. What a painful stab in the hearts to these families and those watching from afar.

Wash your hands

Beautiful-edged sword

And yet, the other side of the sword is beautiful.  It has become a time to reconnect with people who may have been set aside in your mind or even forgotten. It’s been a time to be creative with your time, mind, skills or how you interact with others. A phone call turned into video chats, FaceTime or Zoom calls. You learned about people near and far in a different ways. Possibly even in a deeper, more intimate way as you see emotions you may have never seen before or experienced yourself.

Stay six feet apart from everyone!

What about the people sharing their God-given talents to the world through Social Media? Whether you cooked, sang, danced or donated food, supplies or money, you practiced social distancing and shared how “We ARE all in this together.” It’s been a time to come together and help each other. It has been a time show the World WE ARE ONE NATION UNDER GOD!

People ARE surviving, and coming together to love and support each other through this difficult time. 

Will you look at what you have differently going forward verses what you want? 

What’s REALLY normal?

Our old normal was getting together with extended family members for a Friday night fish fry or Saturday homemade pizza night, and our new normal, is “dinner for two!” We cook together more, we pray together harder and our new normal family get togethers is through a video chat, FaceTime or Zoom call.

We have always cherished our family times, whether near or far and as we watched so many fight this virus and see the heartbreaking deaths, it hurts deeper when it hits your own family or someone close to you. Our surviving Cousin said, “Angels are all around us!” She and her mom have fought this battle for over two weeks, being on ventilators, in ICU and are now on the mends. I believe in the POWER OF PRAYER and I believe we are all the LIGHT and ANGELS helping one another. 

The Unknown future

There will still be a rollercoaster ride of emotions for many as the fear of the unknown sets in. There will be Life After the coronavirus! I would like to think this time in isolation has made all of us stronger, closer and a life-changer. Will we always look at our social time together differently? Will we still FaceTime, Video Chat or Zoom calls? Will our social distancing and hand washing remain in the forefront of our minds? 

Lives changed forever

I believe our lives have and will be changed forever! We will talk about this for years to come. We will wash our hands more often and probably think about this time while we are washing them for 20 sec; hopefully you will cherish life a lot more than “things” and I hope and pray that you say I love you more often, hug someone a little tighter and be more thankful and grateful for every second, for every minute, for every hour, for every day, month and year that God gives you on this earth to serve your purpose. 


We don’t know what the future holds for us, but remember, when you feel overwhelmed, fearful or discouraged, God is in all things and in all ways.

“Walk by faith, not by sight.” 2 Corinthians 5:7

Never give up HOPE
Walk by FAITH
Stay Home Stay Safe
Wash your Hands
Stay six feet apart

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