“Rhythm of Life”

Learn the importance of slowing down and resting before life passes you by. 

How did I miss that? Where did the time go?” 

I believe everything happens for a reason, and as I recorded this episode, my morning devotion was “Today is a new day in my story.” Our life is filled with endings and new beginnings; we are either at the start of a new chapter or on the last pages of another.

“What happens when busyness takes over balance” 

How strong and healthy is your rhythm of life? Or, better yet, is your rhythm going in a healthy direction? Is it balanced and you feel rested, renewed, refreshed, and rejuvenated?

Have you ever looked back and wondered, “how did I miss that or where did the time go?”

Your son or daughter said their first words, took their first steps and before you knew it, they started preschool, elementary, middle or high school. They went off to college, moved out, fell in love, started a career, joined the service, got married, had children, and all you could do is stand there blinking, repeatedly and wonder where did all that time go? Where was I? How did I miss out on so much? 

Time does go by fast when we are too busy to slow down.

Our rhythm is off, not balanced. We give more time than we receive to the ones who can replace us in an instance. We work endless hours, 60+ to please someone else for the money, not for what money can’t buy. 

When children get older, many think we need to work harder to pay for things to make them happy, when all they really want is someone to be there, setting boundaries, showing love, enjoying their new experiences and being there for them personally, not figuratively and certainly not monetarily. All these new experiences and challenges not only help them grow, physically, mentally and emotionally, but when you’re by their side, you grow, physically, mentally and emotionally as you look at life through the lens of a child. 

Again, our loved ones, families and children really just want undivided time and attention and for us to just be present; physically, mentally and emotionally. It’s the best gift we can give each other! 

Having a balanced rhythm, taking time to pause, be present, and being grateful for the love that surrounds you, helps you enjoy the priceless gifts as you’re able to hear their first words spoken, witness each new step taken and see the smiles and excitement of a first new experience, adventure, and the success of overcoming a challenge. We’re their sideline cheerleaders, and the one they come to when they’re hurt or feel broken; we’re their physical, emotional and mental support, no matter how old they are. 

We can’t get yesterday back!

We can make the best of today and have better tomorrows when our rhythm of life is balanced.

Fear, life’s demands and busyness keeps us off balance and skews the importance of family bonding time. It’s really about priorities, quality of time and being intentional. It’s a balance. 

I have been asked many times over, how is it that my children and I are so close. We are so close because family and prayer time were important as they were growing up. I started by simply taking time each day, having a little one-on-one with each of them. It wasn’t about quantity of time it was about quality. We had daily dialogue when they were old enough to talk. I would ask them, “What was your favorite part of your day? What was your least favorite?” What are you grateful for? We always prayed before our meals and our dinner table was more than just a place to eat, it was a place to converse and share things about their day. It was a safe place to share, no judgment and dinners to this day, when we are all together, can last for hours. 

As my children grew older, I allowed them to be creative, challenge themselves, use their imagination, push through their fears and know that everything happens for a reason; work hard and take time to create that balance. I was and still am their sideline cheerleader. I enjoy each adventure, each new experience whether it is a challenge or something fun and exciting. 

A Foundation

Just like the Robin I watched build a nest, lay 4 eggs in the artificial tree on my front porch, as she sits patiently waiting for them to hatch, I know that one day when those little birds are strong enough, they will leave the nest and fly on their own. 

I believe I did my best to build a foundation so when my children were strong enough, they too could leave the nest and fly on their own into their new life. I embraced each milestone as I listened and watched them make dreams come true and enter each new chapter RESTED, so they can enjoy themselves and their lives through a clearer lens. 

When I personally take time each day to REST, have my quality time, meditate, pray, journal my gratitude, my mind, body and spirit becomes clearer and full of love. Whether near or far, I watch their love and lives change and grow, personally and professionally. Being able to witness when they fell in love, moved out of state, started a career, or joined the USAF, was a blessing. I am still their cheerleader, support and truly blessed being able to watch them follow their dreams and become successful adults. 

It certainly hasn’t been easy, living so far apart from them and we have all had our share of hardships; but since the foundation was set, we knew how and when to take time to pause, put our own oxygen mask on first, before helping others.

Life is too short,

but don’t make it shorter by being too busy.

It’s Not Too Late

Don’t wait for an illness, cancer, disease, heartattack, stroke, breakdown, or collapse from exhaustion to be the reason why you pause, rest or FINALLY spend quality time with your loved ones. Slow down, pause, rest and make sure to be balanced and you’ll open your eyes and see things a little more clearer and be full of so much love, peace and joy. 

This pandemic forced many to slow down and rest and it has brought clearer lakes, clearer minds and cleaner air. What will it take to slow you down, and see things through a clearer lens? Just think what happens to your mind, body and spirit when you rest or take time with your friends, family and spend quality time with the child(ren) in your life? 

There are communities all around the world who practice rest to nourish their mind, body and spirit through their various traditions as Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Muslims, Hindus as well as native tribes just to name a few.

Begin with a simple change

Start each day with gratitude, and take slow deep breaths. (throughout the day if necessary)

  • Forgive yourselves and others so you can move forward. 
  • Send love to those who may be difficult to love; 
  • And remember, when we send love, we receive love.

When we send and receive love, our day becomes more positive. By making one small change and adding to your daily life, meditating, journaling, praying, or sitting in silence to clear any busyness, any and all of these cause you to reflect and become rejuvenated and renewed to be a better you inside and out. 

I have witnessed new beginnings and transformations all around me after winter’s long REST. The tulips pop out of the ground, buds begin to bloom on the trees and shrubs, the bluebirds fly into their new home in our front yard and the oriole makes its way to the grape jelly in the glass feeder. A variety of birds begin to appear on the multiple feeders in my backyard and this year, I believe because of the pandemic, the variety has expanded to so many different types of birds, that I’m grateful for the Merlin Bird ID app, to help me identify these new birds. The air is cleaner and lakes are clearer all around the world because we gave it time to REST to create new beginnings, be balanced and renewed.


As I said REST is essential. The busyness of life steals our joy, and takes away our precious time to enjoy the little things in life we take for granted. We’re missing out on so much when we don’t remember to rest and enjoy the life we are given.

I would like to think as we get back into the world, our lives will have changed and we will learn how to continue to REST, take time to enjoy nature, its beauty, and be more mindful to keep it clean and clear; I hope you take more time to be with loved ones and play with children, grandchildren and learn to enjoy the love of family and friends through the eyes of a child, fresh, new and exciting.

Being balanced and rested with a healthy mind, body and spirit, you watch every new step a child takes differently. You watch them learn to ride a bike, go skating, skiing, snowboarding, drive a car, get their first job, start a business or new career, fall in love, get married and have their first baby, through a clearer lens. Nature will take on a whole new meaning, not only being more beautiful, but I believe your heart will be filled with tranquility, love and peace.






Remember to REST, breathe in God’s goodness, filled with unlimited possibilities and exhale any and all past negative narratives and misunderstandings to be present and enjoy life before life’s busyness takes it away.


Forgive yourselves and others so you can move forward. 
Send love to those who may be difficult to love; 
And remember, when we send love, we receive love.
Slow down
Take time to REST!
Don’t let busyness steal today!

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