Mary Markham


“Rhythm of Life”

Coronavirus edition

“Changed FOREVER!”

Coronavirus edition

“What if I fall…What if you fly”

Take a Chance – you just might FLY!

Healthy Habits to Get ahead & Stay ahead!

Healthy Habits create a Positive Life

Health is Wealth

No Action – No Goals!

From Panic Disorder to Visions & Kritters

DREAM BIG and NEVER give up!

From Chronic Sickness to Business Success

You will never know the answer if you don’t ask!

Goalsetter to Olympic Medalist

I’m NOT a quitter! Chris Seufert Sholtis set goals and became an Olympic Medalist.

NO MORE EXCUSES for this Author and Podcast Host

No more Excuses!

From Shackled to Freedom!

What we put in, is what we get out!